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Sanmartí family, who have always been involved in the production of pasta in Catalonia, dates back to 18th century.

Isidre Sanmartí was the first member of the family who tried mixing wheat flour and  thermal  mineral water- with special mineral qualities- from Caldes de Montbui, where he lived. Mixing the right amount of flour and water the achieved dough was delicious to eat. However, as the hours went by, the dough became stale and unable to be eaten.

The Sanmartí members of the family started to develop new mixtures in order to improve the quality of the dough. They learned a way to produce different shapes by building a wooden set with holes in it; thus the dough was divided into long strings which were turned into noodles, spaghetti,. Not only did they give that delicious dough different shapes, but they soon found out that dried dough enabled them to store those strings for long periods of time.

The patient research and effort of a family gave the rest of the villagers the opportunity to enjoy new food. They only had to boil those dough strings to obtain delicious pasta to eat.

This was the way the Sanmarti became experts as noodle manufacturers and Pastas Sanmartí known as premium quality pasta.

The next generations   -Carles Sanmartí i Caselles , Josep Sanmartí I Castellà-  followed the family tradition in elaborating pasta in Caldes de Montbui. However, Jaume Sanmartí  I Farreras  - the fourth generation-  became the first to be registered officially as a soup noodle producer in the Caldes Town Council in 1885.

The fifth generation –Josep Sanmartí I Cladelles- went on with the family business, but his son Jaume Sanmartí I Sansó , familiarly called “Granpa” -“L’Avi”- became the first member of the Sanmartí family to deal with this business in a different way. He saw it was necessary to improve the production. His son, and later his daughter-in-law due to his son premature death went on with the business installing the newest facilities to increase the productivity   of that moment back in the 1940s up to 1975.

In August 1998, Eulalia Rifé Catafan asked his son Carles Sanmartí to run Pastes Sanmartí.  With Carles Sanmartí , this family business improved  by having the newest technology and machinery installed in order to improve the quality of the pasta.

In October 2003, PASTES SANMARTÍ was awarded by The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona -La Cambra de Comerç, Indústria i Navegació de Barcelona – because of its three centuries in the family business.

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